Fun Illegal Activities Just For Giggles

Summer is coming up fast and so is the season of ice cream, fresh strawberries, and painful sunburns. Despite the intense heat waves sure to come, there are plenty of fun and illegal activities to keep you occupied, and range anywhere from pirating the new Avengers movie End Game, to sneaking into the private areas of the Catacombs under Paris.

The sky's the limit, but if you are feeling uninspired, check out these three wild shenanigans to get your summer started.

Most wouldn’t think beekeeping could be illegal, but for a while, New York City was the frontier for illegal beekeeping. Urban beekeeping took off despite intense legislation against the hobby, but due to enough online sources, articles, and physical supply chains, the beekeepers could not be thwarted.

Bee colonies in urban areas help to provide massive environmental benefits, even in places like New York City. By hiding the hives inside old air conditioner units, rooftops, and even in kitchens, the bee population stubbornly flourishes.

Because of allergies and concentrated population, beekeeping in the city was illegal until 2010. Now, only a singular non-aggressive bee called the Apis Mellifera is legal to be kept. Laws also demand that beekeepers register their hives, but it is suspected that the intense network of beekeepers are still hiding off the grid, maintaining their hives without the government’s knowledge.

So, if you’re thinking about dabbling in some fun illegal activities, consider the dangers of Colony Collapse Disorder and snub the government by transforming your kitchen into a massive bee hive and don’t tell anyone.  

Clowns tend to be terrifying. They lurk in the sewers of movies and even in the backwoods of our very real world. However, in 1995, a man dressed as a clown named “Twister” went about putting quarters in other people’s expired meters and was fined for it.

Parking fines were not designed for collecting revenue, but instead for encouraging cars to rotate out of parking spaces, ensuring that there is a continuous flow. While this benefits shopping centres where it is easier for drivers to control their time and activities, this is a hindrance to other businesses that operate by appointments. Even urban areas that close down street parking for events do not consider the need to provide extra parking spaces, creating higher stress for drivers when parking.

If you want to stick it to the law while providing a kind service, drop some change in an expired parking meter and save someone from a nasty fine.

With so many amazing streaming platforms available access to television shows like Grey's Anatomy, most viewers do not pay for their own accounts. Instead, they are parasites, feeding off of a single person who is paying the subscription fee.

A meme, pulled from the dark corners of the interwebs. If this was your creation, please let us know!

A meme, pulled from the dark corners of the interwebs. If this was your creation, please let us know!

What most do not realize is that it is now illegal to share Netflix passwords in the United States. Despite saving a friend a couple of dollars per month, a new ruling has been put in place making it a crime Prosecutable .

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was originally designed to protect computer-users from hacking and other crimes. Now that we live in an online society, the laws around The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act are constantly changing and adapting to the new technology that is introduced.

Sharing passwords has been considered an undesirable activity, and now an illegal conduct. This law does not just restrict the Netflix login information sharing, but also extends to any subscription service or computer password sharing.

You’ve probably already been leeching off your old dorm mate, or have tossed your login information to your brother without knowing about the legal situation surrounding password sharing. At most, the worst crime that you were aware of is that their obsession with Rom-Coms catastrophically alters Netflix’s recommended section of shows and movies for your personal viewing.

If you’re not bothered by the restrictions surrounding the digital age that we live in, feel free to keep on going with the flow.

So while you technically shouldn't break the law, you’ll get at least a dozen cool points in your favor if you do.


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