Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries

I never thought I would ever be in a position to say that the Town of Smiths Falls has become a magical place. 

My memories of it exist from high school and are a haze of closed down businesses and a slow decay of any economic growth. The local Hershey factory closing has often been pointed to as a signal of the downward spiral of the town, and I’ve never been able to argue that point.

With hundreds out of jobs, Smiths Falls hit a sandbar and, for years, never seemed able to regain momentum. Unshockingly, this took a toll on the arts. Businesses oriented in locally made products never seemed to linger for more than a few years. The area seemed stagnant when compared to other local towns that frequently cycled through a variety of art-based events, making every season an exciting time for their communities. Smiths Falls was unable to compare due to the economic disadvantages and limited abilities. 

Until 2010. One of the greatest magic tricks I have ever witnessed was the conversion of the old train station into a community theatre, now proudly called Smiths Falls Station Theatre. The town has immense industrial roots, and the local rail system had a massive role to play in this. This Station Theatre gives us an opportunity to celebrate our heritage, while also celebrating our community. It had taken more than eleven years of planning and fundraising to establish this site, which sits proudly two minutes from the local library. 

You can visit the Station Theatre now and enjoy a variety of performances such as concerts and live theatre, and also local movie nights. So many great plays have cycled in and out of the building, which have all led to the incredible show (and success) of the Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries, performed by Ted and Marion Outerbridge. 

If you think Ted Outerbridge sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been hailed as “the most successful magician in Canada”, and has toured on both sides of the Atlantic. And, having witnessed the amazing performance, he definitely deserves his title.

Looking for an illusionist this summer? Just swing by the Station Theatre and check out his spellbinding performance, involving clever costume changes, excellent narration, and a skilled dancer. The first Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries showing at the Station Theatre opened June 29th, and has been sold out every night since. Aimed at both adults and family, you won’t want to miss this.

If you’re looking to get in on the action, hurry and book your tickets as he is performing for three more shows in August.


Rachel Small

Rachel Small is not a small person and might be the present day reincarnation of Lizzie Borden. She crawled to life one night after midnight in the basement of a bookstore before taking on the role as a fashion blogger.

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