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The original Voices In The Attic had humble beginnings as a college group project, written and created in 2018 by five students at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. But they couldn’t let a good thing die, so Voices moved to its own domain at the end of the semester, where the creepiness has continued ever since.

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Michelle is a wandering soul. She doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life. She hopes she’s doing something right. She is a great person to talk to; doesn’t talk much herself. If you’re nice, she’ll haunt you forever. Or until she’s bored.

Twitter: @MichelleBonga


Maggie spent the first fifteen years of her life furiously avoiding all things horror, but then her friend forced her to watch Paranormal Activity, and there’s been no turning back. She still checks the bathroom mirror for Bloody Mary before getting in the shower.

Twitter: @maggiegkendall



Joseph is a homonculus animated by a need to solve mysteries. When no mysteries abound, crude Mexican cuisine will frequently suffice. He grew up in a small, Northern Ontario community and is still suffering the consequences. Also, he writes sometimes.

Twitter: @JosephPetrosky



Rachel Small is not a small person and might be the present day reincarnation of Lizzie Borden. She crawled to life one night after midnight in the basement of a bookstore. Currently a writer for College Fashion, you can also find her ramblings carved into old stones.

Twitter: rahel_taller



Say her name three times and she will appear.

Twitter: @oldvvitch

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